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Reusable Christmas Cracker

Reusable Christmas Cracker

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Christmas wouldn't be complete without party crackers. In Ireland we estimate that over 10 million are pulled every year! Laid end-to-end, they would stretch from here to the North Pole!

So we're partnering with Keep this Cracker to bring you the last box of crackers you'll ever buy. Because re-use is *the best* thing we can all do for the environment.

Unlike most crackers, 'Keep This Cracker' fill-your-own options come flat-packed, ready to be popped into shape. You fill them with your own small gifts / jokes / etc. They're made in Europe?and wrapped and shipped entirely plastic-free. And most importantly...the patented construction allows the user to easily replace the snap without any glue or you can use them again next year (or later the same day)!

These crackers do "snap" when pulled, but don't tear and there's no gunpowder so no loud bang or smell. They use the new Ecosnap® instead! To reuse, simply replace the Ecosnap® (which you can also buy from us). Full instructions are included. 

Ecosnap® is recyclable and compostable, made in UK, and exclusive to Keep This Cracker and approved stockists.

What it contains: Flat-pack of 6 re-usable crackers, with 6 eco-snaps and recycled-plastic ribbons for closing them.

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