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Meet the Team


Maeve currently works as a full time archaeologist. Protecting the Natural World is her passion. She has been attempting a zero waste lifestyle for 4 years. She stopped buying Fast Fashion in 2018 and relies on 2nd hand shops, clothes swaps and friends closet clearances for her wardrobe staples. She has reduced her meat consumption dramatically and drives a hybrid car in an effort to reduce her carbon footprint. Maeve is also trained as a Forest School instructor in an effort to educate the younger generation about the beauty of nature and why it is worth protecting.  

In 2018 Maeve moved from Dublin to a cottage in Cavan with the intention of becoming self-sufficient using the ideals of permaculture to grow vegetables. She had a rude awakening! Pests and disease are harder to control than she realised without insecticides, weeds just keep on growing and grass forever needs to be cut ! Suffice it to say, she is not yet self sufficient and the garden is a work in progress! However, there are 13 very happy and plump chickens roaming the garden.

Moving from a big city to Cavan, Maeve struggled to keep to her Zero Waste ideals. It required visits to multiple different shops and deliveries from Zero Waste stores in Dublin to keep her plastic consumption at a minimum.  That is when Maeve realised she would love to set up a Zero Waste shop in Cavan.



Bláithín is owner of sustainable Vintage clothing store RE: Vintage and she also a qualified Nutrition and Lifestyle coach with a particular interest in stress management. She is new to the Zero Waste Movement and is still learning about ways to reduce waste. 


Let go from her 9-5 job in Dublin due to Covid-19 Bláithín saw this "free time" as the opportunity she needed to learn more in her field of Nutrition and launch her NLC career. An important part of Nutrition is learning about the benefits of Organic and unpackaged food on our health. A lot of people are unaware of the impact of pesticides and plastic have on their bodies. Bláithín always wanted to bring her business Bite Size Changes to Cavan but there were so few healthy places for clients to shop!

When the opportunity to open The EcoShack appeared it felt like fate. Bláithín jumped at the chance to combine her knowledge with Maeve's and bring something truly special to the community in Cavan a primarily organic plastic free shop, The EcoShack. 

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